Why Choose Us?

Driving Michigan Smiles Since 1989

You'll get comprehensive, state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment from some of the most engaged and talented doctors in the country.



We’ve got cutting-edge treatments. We’re always combing through the latest and greatest technology to the best treatment options for our patients. Our goal is finding what will create your best smile.

  • We strive to deliver smiles safely and comfortably, in the shortest amount of time.
  • Robotically-bent wires work more efficiently to move all teeth simultaneously
  • Up to 25% faster treatment time
  • Fewer office visits with appointments every 8-10 weeks (instead of 2-4)
  • Digital scans/ impressions (no goo)
  • 3D printers to offer you the broadest range of treatment options and ensure that you're never without a retainer no matter where in the world you are



More than 60 years of combined experience walk through these doors every day. Top of the class, leaders in the digital orthodontic industry, nationally recognized authors and speakers, even patented inventors all working together to make sure you, receive the best care we can offer.

Did you know? We're:

  • The #1 Invisalign Provider in the entire state of Michigan
  • The #1 in the world at using one of the leading robotically assisted orthodontic systems
  • Worldwide pioneers in using 3D printing in orthodontics


Personal Service

From the moment you contact our office until your very last retainer check, our goal is to make you happy.

With a complimentary exam and consultation, a personalized treatment plan, and a team of extraordinary doctors every step on the way, we want to make sure that you not only achieve the smile of your dreams but also leave our office knowing you received the best possible care.


Efficient Treatments 

Straightening your teeth should be as comfortable and efficient as possible. Gone are the days of painful headgear and tight stainless steel wires.

We're dedicated to running our office on time to shorten your overall treatment timeline. Fewer appointments mean you'll have fewer missed days of school or work.


Flexible Payments

Not only do we offer flexible appointment scheduling and treatment options, but we also offer flexible payment options.

Once we determine your insurance coverage and file it for you, we'll sit down together and come up with a monthly payment plan that fits your budget.


Convenient Locations

Our offices and schedules are designed to respect your time. We have four conveniently-located offices to serve you, and early and late hours available every week to accommodate your busy schedule.

This means that great orthodontic care is only a few minutes from your home, work or school.