Types of Clear Aligners for Children, Teens & Adults

Aligners are a bit like shoes in that many brands offer them, and each clear aligner brand offers different benefits for different patients. Based on our experience traveling the world and teaching other orthodontists how to use clear aligners, we’ve rigorously evaluated the market so that we can confidently offer two of the world’s best clear aligner systems, Invisalign aligners and 3M Clarity aligners.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

As the world’s most advanced clear aligner system, Invisalign aligners get a lot of well-deserved attention. From simple cases to complex realignment, Invisalign aligners are comfortable and effective “trays” worn over your teeth. Made with SmartTrack® material, each set of aligners gently moves your teeth over time until you reach your goals—all under the close supervision of one of our highly trained TDR orthodontists.

Like other clear aligners, the easy oral hygiene maintenance with Invisalign treatment makes it a great option for children, teens, and adults alike. Even with the different bite issues common among teenagers, Invisalign treatment for teens can be very effective under the right circumstances—though treatment may sometimes be  more complex than it is with adults. And because we use 3D computer technology instead of messy molds.

Invisalign Treatment image

A lot goes in to deciding whether Invisalign will work for you—and most of that depends on evaluating your current needs and smile goals. Book your free consult today, and we’ll help you decide the best way to get the smile you want.

Clear 3M Clarity Aligners

You may already know the 3M name from their familiar products—those amazing Command® hooks, your handy Post-it® Notes, the versatile packaging tape tucked in your desk drawer, and more. But did you know they’re also in the smile business?

Since 1953, 3M has been on the forefront of orthodontic innovation. We’ve seen some amazing transformations with 3M Clarity aligners. They are are nearly invisible, and because they’re removeable, they offer a more discrete, option over braces for kids, teens, and adults.

Some of our patients love the “tin grin” look of metal braces. Others prefer not to stand out during treatment. Still others find a combination of treatment options most effective. Whichever you are, you deserve an orthodontist who listens to your needs and helps you make the best choice for you.

So, if you’re interested in the benefits of clear aligners, we’re ready to help, with two life-changing options and world-class care from some of the country’s best orthodontists, right here in the Detroit area. Come see us today!

Smile Express®

Smile Express is changing the way adults think about orthodontics. In just two office visits, you can get the smile you’ve always wanted. By combining the power of proven Invisalign aligners at home with the convenience of remote care, you’ll see great results in as few as 6 months!

Plus, you’ll never have to go at it alone. As one of the country’s leading Invisalign providers, your trusted TDR Specialists in Orthodontics doctor will be with you every step of the way.

Teeth Straightening Kits | Smile Express at-home aligners | Lakeside Orthodontics

Breathe easy. Smile confidently.

Millions of children, teens, and adults suffer from airway problems—some without knowing. And because you’ll likely see us more than your regular doctor, every TDR patient, of every age, gets an airway screening as part of their comprehensive orthodontic exam.

It’s just one of the ways we use technology and teamwork to deliver the very best care, in the most efficient way possible. Let’s get you smiling more, starting today!


Clear Aligners FAQs

How do I clean clear aligners?

  1. Always rinse your aligners as soon as they are removed from your mouth.
  2. Use a soft bristle toothbrush (not your toothbrush that you use daily) to lightly sweep away any debris.
  3. After brushing, rinse off the aligners and place back in your mouth.

How long do I wear each set of aligners?

This varies according to your treatment plan. Generally, aligners are worn for one week and exchanged for the next set. This will depend on your specific treatment plan.

Do clear aligners fit an active lifestyle?

Both 3M and Invisalign treatments can be a great choice for an active lifestyle! Your aligners can be worn during nearly any activity, removing them only for eating and cleaning. Claer aligners can be worn comfortably while playing sports. When it comes to contact sports, you can remove the aligner and wear a mouthguard that your orthodontist may recommend. Clear aligners can also be removed for special occasions if you prefer to do so.

What are the primary benefits of clear aligners like Invisalign?

3M and Invisalign treatment are popular choices because of many benefits:

  • Clear aligners for more aesthetic appearance
  • Comfortable as it is custom-made to fit your bite
  • Affordable (about the same price as traditional metal braces)
  • Faster treatment
  • Less time spent at the orthodontist
  • No restrictions on food
  • Oral hygiene routines can be carried out much easier than with the traditional brackets and wires

How much time should I plan to spend at the Orthodontist with Invisalign or 3M aligners?

With Invisalign treatment (or with 3M aligner treatment), you will need to schedule visits every four to six weeks for a quick check-up. These appointments are quite fast and easy, as there is no need to adjust brackets or wires. Still, if it’s a better fit for your busy lifestyle, we also offer remote care convenience via the Smile Doctors Anywhere App.

What about Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) and clear aligner treatment? What are they, and will I need them?

Orthodontists used to face difficulties in controlling the adjustment of out-of-place teeth in patients with severe bite problems or missing teeth, as they required external anchor points via unsightly and inconvenient practices like headgear and external braces. TADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices) have since provided a solution.

By attaching an anchor to the jawbone, TADs eliminate the need for uncomfortable treatments and offer more precise orthodontic treatment for patients who need it. Not all patients require TADs. One of our highly skilled TDR doctors can determine if TADs are suitable for you during your consultation and provide advice.

How much does Invisalign treatment cost in Detroit? Will 3M aligners cost the same?

Invisalign treatment cost varies according to factors that include the length of treatment and the total number of sets you will need. Likewise, 3M aligner treatment cost varies according to the specifics of the plan.

But don’t let the cost keep you from getting a smile you love! We are happy to come up with a payment plan that would best suit your budget and get you the orthodontic treatment you need. Contact us to learn more!

Leaders in 3D Printing

In 2014, we launched Motor City Lab Works. With our own 3D printing lab, we’re able to offer the ultimate in customized appliances, and we’ve helped change the landscape in orthodontics to the benefit of our patients.

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