Virtual Digital Morning

Orthodontic Care from Anywhere, Any Time

Busy lives demand flexible options. So, as much as we love seeing patients in person, you don’t always have time in your day to stop by for even a quick check on your treatment progress. What if those regular visits were as easy as a video call with a friend?

Now they are.

 TDR Specialists in Orthodontics offers a comprehensive remote care option, so you can keep treatment on track and still lead your always-on-the-go life without missing a beat.

Via a single, convenient app, you can make managing your smile easy—whenever you want, from wherever you are.

The Smile Doctors Anywhere App

It’s the app that powers remote care for our patients—and it is AWESOME. With it you can:

  • Direct message with your orthodontist
  • Schedule appointments with ease
  • Check your balance and make payments
  • Enjoy remote care visits
  • Scan your smile for comfort care appointments
  • See upcoming appointment details
  • Watch for smile improvement as treatment progresses
  • Scan your smile and receive personalized treatment feedback in 12-24 hours

Ask about remote care and how to get started with the Smile Doctors Anywhere app during your first appointment!

Download the Smile Doctors Anywhere App

In their words: Patient Reviews

My daughter had braces put on in January and the process has been nothing short of excellent. The level of professionalism at TDR is second to none. They were very clear about the process, clearly laid out expectations and are very thorough in all of our interactions. Every one of the staff and doctors are top notch! The moment you walk in you’re greeted by Adrienne, who never ceases to go above and beyond! I highly recommend TDR Orthodontics!
Tabitha S.
Absolute best orthodontist !!! All of the doctors and staff have been amazing. Wonderfully efficient and on time. Love the ability to scan teeth from home with the app it cuts visit checks down which makes scheduling so much easier with all the day to day activities. Love the advanced technology as well.
Danielle L.
We referred to TDR from a family friend and have been nothing but impressed with the quality of the care and from friendly staff as well. My daughter’s teeth look amazing and our son is currently in braces. We were able to get in for a appt on a Friday afternoon within an hour for an issue with a pokey wire. Would definitely recommend TDR for any orthodontic need.
Amy B.
Four kids with braces so far. This office is the best. All the staff is professional, courtesy and kind. Emily went in to have a check up to schedule when she would get her braces off. When making appointment at the end of the appointment, they asked “How about right now!” You should have seen the look on my daughters face. Really made her day. It’s moments like these that set this office and profession apart from others. Keep up the great work.
Scott F.