What is a Palatal Expander, and How Do They Work?

As the name suggests, a palatal expander (sometimes also called a “rapid palate expander” or even simply, “palate expander”) is an orthodontic device designed to create more room—to expand. In most cases, we’re talking about increasing width of the upper jaw to help give adult teeth plenty of space as a child’s jaw develops.

This can help alleviate a number of potential issues, from crowding and bite problems to airway concerns. Generally, palate expander treatment can take from 9 to 16 months, but because every child’s needs are different—and every smile responds to treatment differently—this varies.

We recommend kids have their first visit with us no later than age 7 which helps us evaluate their growth so far and gives us an indication of how they may develop going forward.

During their first complimentary consultation, we’ll evaluate all orthodontic needs, including whether a palatal expander might be helpful. Come see us today!

Breathe easy. Smile confidently.

Millions of children, teens, and adults suffer from airway problems—some without knowing. And because you’ll likely see us more than your regular doctor, every TDR patient, of every age, gets an airway screening as part of their comprehensive orthodontic exam.

It’s just one of the ways we use technology and teamwork to deliver the very best care, in the most efficient way possible. Let’s get you smiling more, starting today!


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