Prepare Early

The most common time to begin orthodontic treatment is between the ages of 11 and 15, but your child is unique and the best way to be prepared is with an early exam.

Even if all of their permanent teeth haven't erupted, seeing your child early will give us the best opportunity to plan ahead. Contact us any time for a complimentary consultation.

We offer several treatment options for your teen and pre-teen:

TDR Team member with patient

Your Teen Deserves a Great Experience

Once our doctor takes a look, you and your child will be able to take away some important answers from the initial exam like approximate cost, insurance benefits, and treatment length.

All of our X-rays are digital. Impressions are quick and simple digital scans, with no messy and goopy impressions.

Using cutting-edge digital technology like SureSmile and Invisalign allows all of our doctors to collaborate, even if they are not working in the office together. This gives you the benefit of the experience and knowledge of six of the most dedicated and talented orthodontists.

With this technology, we are also able to respect your time and busy schedule, often recommending up to 12 weeks between appointments. This time gives the robotic wires time to work or the patient time to change their clear aligners on schedule.

We're committed to bringing your teen their best results – straight and healthy teeth are all that we create.