Debunking Common Myths About Getting Braces as an Adult

If you’re considering getting braces as an adult, you may have some reservations.

Aren’t they just for kids? Don’t they cost a fortune to get? Aren’t they painful?

Those are probably some of the thoughts floating around in your head. And they may have you feeling hesitant.

In this article, we’ll debunk some common myths about getting braces as an adult so you can make a well-informed decision about them.

Myth #1: Braces Are Just for Kids

Let’s get this myth out of the way first.

While it’s true that mostly younger people get braces, that doesn’t mean you can’t too. In fact, 27 percent of American and Canadian adults get braces! That means in a room of four adults, at least one has them.

The fact is, it’s never too late to get a perfect smile, even if you’re older than 60 years old. Actually, many senior citizens opt for braces because they feel it’ll improve their quality of life!

So no matter how old you are, get peace of mind knowing there’s no age limit on braces.

Myth #2: They’re Conspicuous and Ugly

Chances are, you know the term “brace face.” It’s used as an insult to people with big metal brackets in their mouths.

Since you already feel self-conscious about your teeth, you certainly don’t want to draw more attention to them. Surely that’s what happens when you get braces?

The reality is, nowadays, technology’s made leaps and bounds from those traditional metal bracket braces. In addition to that option, there are also clear ceramic braces and Invisalign aligners.

Those two other choices for braces are very discreet, meaning no one can tell you have braces on at all. However, they’re more expensive, so do keep that in mind if you have a tight budget.

Myth #3: Braces Are Painful

Again, technology’s advanced significantly since the early days of metal bracket braces. If you had friends who had braces, you may have heard about the brackets catching on their skin. And the only remedy was to put wax over them, and that didn’t even solve the problem completely.

You may have also heard that they hurt immensely when first put on and when the bands are changed. But you won’t have to worry about that with modern braces.

Modern orthodontic treatment moves your teeth in less painful ways and without the metal brackets, your skin won’t catch. This means the experience won’t be as agonizing and your quality of life will be great while you have braces on.

Myth #4: They’re Inconvenient

Yes, it’s true that with metal bracket braces, there are certain foods and drinks you should avoid. This is because they can cause staining on your teeth, especially if you don’t brush right after.

If you have certain foods and drinks you don’t want to give up during orthodontic treatment, then you’ll be pleased to know that you won’t have to if you use Invisalign.

This treatment consists of clear trays you put in and take out at your convenience. This means when you want to drink soda or wine, all you have to do is pull the tray out, drink, then put it back in afterward.

Plus, the majority of orthodontic offices have digital workflows and on-site x-rays, which means everything will be quicker for your appointments. Not only will your appointments be shorter, but they won’t be as frequent either.

Myth #5: Treatment Takes Forever

When you see people with metal bracket braces, you usually notice that they have them on for years and years. Maybe just thinking about getting orthodontic treatment for so long makes you disinclined to even consider it.

But again, advancements in braces have made it possible for you to complete the whole thing in just 6 months! Obviously, the exact duration of braces you’ll need depends on your personal situation, but even in the worst cases, it’ll only take a few years for you to completely straighten your teeth.

Myth #6: Getting Braces Is Completely Cosmetic

You might put braces at the bottom of your priorities when it comes to medical needs. It’s just straightening out your teeth for a better smile, after all.

However, there are many benefits to getting braces besides the cosmetic aspect. Corrected teeth can help you chew and speak better, reduce the chances of abnormal wear and injury to misaligned teeth, and help with TMJ.

Plus, there’s the mental health aspect. If you have a smile that you’re proud of, this can help significantly with your self-esteem and confidence. As a result, this can lead to better job opportunities and relationships.

Myth #7: Braces Are Expensive

While orthodontic treatment can certainly be pricey at times, it doesn’t mean braces will be 100 percent unaffordable. Orthodontists believe that everyone should get the smile they want and deserve, which is why many are willing to work with you, no matter what budget you have.

Most will offer payment plans so you don’t have to pay the full price of braces in one go. Not only that, but you’ll often get monthly no-interest payments, so you won’t keep accruing more money to pay off.

They’ll also work with your insurance company to ensure you get as much of your braces covered as possible. You can also apply for a medical loan called Care Credit which offers you 48 to 60 months of financing.

So if you’re worried about finances, it’s actually not as difficult as you thought it would be to straighten your teeth on a budget.

Get Braces as an Adult Near Detroit for That Perfect Smile

As you can see, getting braces as an adult is a common practice, can be discreet, and won’t cost an arm and a leg to get. With relatively short treatment times and financing options available, braces are a wonderful option for adults, for both cosmetic and medical reasons.

Interested in getting adult braces? Then schedule a complimentary consultation with us today!

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