7 Common Crowded Teeth Issues and Treatment Options

Crowded teeth aren’t only an aesthetic problem. While you may feel self-conscious about your crowding, the real issues come from the potential dental and physical health problems that can arise.

Why is straightening your crowded teeth so important, anyway? Why can’t you just leave your special smile alone if it’s not bothering you?

We want to give you some insight as to why and how crowded teeth can become an issue. Keep reading to learn about a few crowded teeth problems and about what you can do to fix them.

1. Bite Problems

Your dental crowding isn’t just dental crowding. It creates other orthodontic problems that you may not have considered.

When teeth don’t line up in the correct places you have bite issues. This means that your teeth aren’t only misaligned visually, they’re also misaligned in the back where you can’t see them.

Some bite issues are obvious, like an overbite or an open bite. Others are more subtle but this doesn’t make them less important.

Straight and well-spaced teeth make for a better bite.

2. Difficulty Flossing and Brushing

Have you ever tried flossing just to wonder how everyone else does it? You get the floss stuck between your teeth and it rips apart. This doesn’t seem efficient.

Other people have an easier time because they have correct spacing between their teeth.

Not flossing results in further dental problems. You’ll have plaque and tartar buildup. You may get food caught somewhere it doesn’t belong. Flossing is important and you’ll end up neglecting it if you can’t even get in there.

This goes for brushing as well. Even if you brush every day, are there any spots that you’re missing due to your excessive crowding? Pay attention next time you brush your teeth and you’ll be surprised.

3. Tooth Damage

Crowding results in your teeth being in places where they’re not supposed to be. This can cause damage over time.

If your teeth cause your bite to overlap abnormally or cause your teeth to smack together when you close your mouth, you’re risking damage from that alone.

Any teeth that stick out at odd angles from overcrowding may end up being cracked or damaged. You also may crack teeth against each other when the erupting tooth (like a wisdom tooth) has nowhere else to go.

Tooth damage requires medical attention or else you’ll end up with further damage and decay within the cracked or chipped tooth.

4. Gum Disease

Gum disease is always a risk with dental health. As we mentioned before, not being able to reach your teeth and gums with your floss and toothbrush is dangerous.

Nearly half of all American adults over age 30 have some form of gum disease. Mild gum disease can be treated with a good deep clean and consistent good oral hygiene, but more severe cases may require further help.

Prolonged gum disease can lead to tooth loss or damage to the jaw. Preventing gum disease is important and you can’t do that if your teeth aren’t aligned.

5. Bad Breath

So if you have mild gum disease and you’re having trouble brushing and flossing, the natural side effect of that is bad breath.

Bad breath has many potential causes, but when it’s present because of an inability to take care of your teeth or from gingivitis, it’s much harder to get rid of. Swigging mouthwash every time you want to talk to someone won’t help.

Straighten those teeth so you can eliminate bad breath at the source!

6. Physical Health Concerns

Poor oral health contributes to your physical health. Gum disease and other oral infections can lead to health issues like heart disease, pneumonia, and even problems with pregnancy.

These ailments aren’t common results of gum disease, but they’re also not impossible. You’re putting yourself at a huge risk when the solution is as simple as taking care of your teeth.

Straight teeth lead to easier care and easier care means better hygiene.

7. Self-Esteem

This is often the first reason that people consider getting their crowded teeth adjusted. Many people are uncomfortable with their crooked smiles. While they may add character, there’s a huge push towards straight and shiny teeth.

Getting this “flaw” adjusted can lead to better overall self-esteem. You’ll be smiling with teeth in no time once you’re done with your orthodontic treatment. Why live a life where you hate your smile?

How to Fix Crowded Teeth

So now that you recognize the problem, how can you fix it?

  1. There are plenty of orthodontic treatment options for fixing crowded teeth. Orthodontists have various solutions depending on your case.
  2. You’re going to need some sort of braces or clear aligners. While traditional metal braces used to be the norm, there are subtle and discreet options that can suit any lifestyle.
  3. Younger people (like children and less responsible teenagers) have their pick from different kinds of metal or ceramic braces. These make quick work of oral crowding and they come in several colors and styles to match any aesthetic.
  4. For older teenagers and adults who may be unwilling to have a mouth full of metal for the foreseeable future, clear aligners (we love Invisalign) are a great solution. They’re almost invisible and, in most cases, they’re just as effective as metal braces.


Read more to learn what is Invisalign treatment and determine if it’s the right choice for you. Of course, always consult with your orthodontist to decide which option is the best orthodontic treatment for crowded teeth.

Is It Time to See an Orthodontist Near Detroit for a Free Consultation?

There’s no time like the present to see an orthodontist for your crowded teeth. You don’t have to settle for poor dental hygiene or a smile that you don’t love.

Braces and clear aligners will make your smile wide, aligned, and perfect. Who wouldn’t want that?

If it’s time to come visit our orthodontists and start your smile journey, visit our site. You can schedule a free exam so we can find the best options for you.

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