This first post gives me the opportunity to introduce you to our blogging goals. At TDR we realize that as patients and parents you see a very limited amount of what we do, and who we are. This blog will not only serve as an educational tool where we can explain how and why certain things are done, but also to help you get to know our offices and staff members better – the more personal side of TDR, if you will. I, Dr. Groth, will be serving as your “MC” throughout the blog. I will be blogging and will also have the occasional “guest” blogger speak on various subjects of interest. I will be posting as much as possible, hoping for at least once every couple of weeks. We hope to incorporate some video blogs along the way (vlogs for you tech savvy people), interview staff members, and pass along other various interesting tidbits about us, orthodontics, and teeth in general. If there is something that you have always wanted to ask please do not hesitate to do so and we will do our best to incorporate it into an upcoming post! So, to kick things off, as the subject of our next post, I will give you a little bit of my history and how I got into orthodontics and became part of the TDR team.

We hope that you will find our blog educational, and entertaining. Be sure to check in regularly for our updated posts!