Virtual exams are a brand new terrain that we have been exploring here at TDR for a while. The health and safety of our patients is our number one priority, and we strive to provide the best service while meeting proper health standards. Our virtual exams offer some impressive new tools to each patient who takes advantage of this feature, some examples are listed below.

Consult with one of our industry-leading orthodontists from the comfort of your own home.

Telehealth exams allow our doctors to see patients face-to-face from anywhere. Our office is dedicated to making orthodontics available to everyone who wants and needs treatment during this time. Access to us is easier than ever before– we are available to both urban and rural areas to provide treatment and advice.

Benefit from the convenience of digital tools.

Online consultations add a level of convenience that hasn’t been available before, and it also provides a new way to access and share information. You can share files, images, and documents easily with your provider through the online exam without ever leaving your home. By submitting a few photos to our virtual exam program, our orthodontists can provide you with personalized health information and care.

Screen for early treatment needs.

Our virtual appointments can assess children, teens, and adults for all different orthodontic needs. In fact, virtual exams are a great way to get that initial check-up for children, as many of them don’t require treatment at this stage. It is recommended that children receive an in-person orthodontic exam around age 7 to prevent small issues from becoming bigger problems, as well as to monitor growth and development.

Staying home is more important than ever and we are adapting to make sure that we can still provide our services no matter the challenge. Yet, we understand that not all orthodontic needs can be addressed through virtual appointments, that’s why our office will remain open for regular appointments as we are able to throughout the current health crisis.

At TDR we strive to personalize your orthodontic experience from day one, whether that be online or in-person. Traditional in-person exams add an additional personal connection to the appointment that a virtual exam cannot capture. However, our virtual exams provide a new and exciting experience that we have not explored before.

What We Offer

Here at TDR Orthodontics you can begin your journey from the comfort of your home. Our virtual exam program allows you to benefit from the expertise and insight of our industry-leading orthodontists with just a few clicks. Within minutes, you have submitted everything our doctors need to provide you with an orthodontic evaluation, including treatment options to achieve your perfect smile. Once you complete the initial virtual exam process, you will have the option to meet with the doctor virtually on a video-call to discuss your treatment options or schedule an appointment in-office for your orthodontic records.

How to schedule

Scheduling an exam with us is easier than ever, click here to schedule your FREE virtual exam with a doctor in your area!