Life Happens- Your Dog vs. Your Retainer

If you own a dog then you can relate to that feeling of dread when you see your pup slinking around, head hung, with those big puppy eyes staring back at you. That guilty stare often means some key belonging has been destroyed and, in some cases never to be seen again. We have seen many a chewed retainer, shredded pieces of plastic hanging on for dear life. It is just another example of life delivering a surprise at every corner. It is important that no matter how ‘life happens’, no matter how the life of a retainer comes to an end, they are replaced. Too often patients that have undergone treatment have retainers that meet an unfortunate end and don’t get replaced.

Whether your dog chewed your retainer, you accidently threw it out with your lunch, or your retainers simply feel worn out it is important that properly fitting retainers are worn to protect teeth from shifting over time. In fact, nearly 25% of orthodontic patients do not wear their retainers properly and seek retreatment in adulthood due to shifting of the teeth. Orthodontic treatment is an investment in both your self-image and self-esteem, and it is important to protect it.

With over 30 years of experience in creating smiles we also want to make it manageable to maintain those smiles long-term.  We saw the need for easy access to replacement retainers, whether it be because of a furry friend or, just a need for a fresh set of retainers every six months to three years. For this reason, we created Retainers for Life, a program that provides two sets of retainers per year, for life, at a one-time cost. This one-time cost will pay for itself within the first year and protects your lifetime investment.

Retainers for Life is open to everyone, not just past and present patients of TDR. Even if you have seen a slight shift in your smile since treatment, but are not ready to enter retreatment, we recommend Retainers for Life to ensure that we prevent any additional movement. For additional information you can contact any of our four locations. Be prepared when life happens, join the Retainers for Life program.

How it works

You play a one-time fee of $725 and can receive up to 3 sets of retainers a year, shipped directly to you, with no questions asked.

  • One-time fee with no annual fees
  • One call per year ships 2 sets of retainers directly to your home
  • Retainers are shipped directly to you approximately one week from your call to order them.

What if the retainers do not fit?

Your replacement retainers are created using the digital scan that was taken the day you joined Retainers for Life. If for whatever reason- lack of wear, waiting too long to order new retainers, dental work, clenching- your retainers do not fit, $79 gives you a new scan and puts you back in the club. There is no catch! The $725 really is a one-time fee.

Call any of our offices to sign up today!