Schedule a Virtual Exam

Schedule a Virtual Exam

Begin your journey and get smilin’ from the comfort of your home. Our virtual exam program allows you to receive the same expertise and insight from our industry-leading orthodontics through a virtual meeting.

All Ages Welcome

Our virtual exams can assess children, teens, and adults for all different orthodontic needs. In fact, virtual exams are a great way to get that initial check-up for children as many of them don’t require treatment at this stage. However, it is recommended that children receive an Orthodontic exam around age 7 to monitor growth and development which can prevent small issues from becoming bigger problems.


If you’re wondering about Invisalign or clear aligners, then you are in the right place! TDR is the top provider of clear aligners in the state of Michigan and can determine if you or your child would be a good candidate for this type of treatment.

Here is how it works:

  • Fill in your information in the fields below.
  • One of our friendly Treatment Coordinator will reach out to you to schedule the time of your virtual exam and provide you the additional information needed for your appointment
  • At the time of your appointment follow the link to your virtual appointment and meet your Orthodontist.
  • The Orthodontist will look at your teeth, discuss your wants and concerns and provide initial treatment thoughts.

It is as easy as that. Submit your info to get started.

We cannot wait to meet you!



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