Within the U.S., people are obsessed with their smile—and it’s not hard to see why. Studies have shown that 78% of Americans believe that adults who have crooked teeth aren’t successful. Up to 14% of people who aren’t happy with the alignment of their teeth feel like they are missing out on better jobs because of how they look. It’s no wonder why a lot of people are looking for ways to straighten their teeth. They are probably even wondering about Invisalign results.

Gone are the days of having to wear braces, retainers or headgears—which means that you no longer have to worry about a mouth full of metal. With the option of wearing clear braces, anyone has the ability to straighten their teeth.

Read on to find out if this option is right for you.

Misalignments That Are Treated by Invisalign

Your mouth is as unique as you are, so to treat your teeth misalignment, you will need an individualized treatment plan.

Invisalign technology has the ability to fix many of the common misalignment causes that might be impacting your teeth. These include:

Teeth Crowding

This issue is usually caused by having a smaller jaw and larger teeth. If you only have a minor case of teeth crowding, it may take as few as 6 months wearing Invisalign to correct the problem. For a more moderate case, it may take up to 1 year.

How much dental crowding you have in your mouth will determine how long the alignment treatment will take. However, this issue can be corrected by wearing clear braces.

Teeth Gaps

If you have gaps between your teeth, this might be caused by having a larger jaw with smaller teeth.

While wearing Invisalign can reduce some of the space between your teeth, it may not be able to get rid of it completely.

Thus, you might have to look into other treatment options after wearing clear braces. These might include veneers or teeth bonding. Talking to a dentist will let you know which option will ensure your smile looks good if you suffer from teeth gaps.

Patient Age and Clear Braces

Patients of any age have the ability to wear clear braces, and they are beneficial to pre-teens, teens, and adults. The only difference is that the younger the wearer, the sooner they will see Invisalign progression.

This is because a pre-teen and teen’s mouth is still shifting and moving, so it is easier to direct the teeth where they need to go.

An adult’s mouth is more set, but that doesn’t mean that Invisalign won’t work. It just means that an adult may have to wear clear braces longer to get straighter teeth.

Seeing Invisalign Results

By wearing clear braces, you have the ability to straighten your teeth in less time than it would take for traditional braces. Not only does this appeal to a lot of people, but they are also harder for others to notice.

That means that when you are at school, work, or in public, you can wear your braces and most people won’t even know. For kids or adults who are conscious about having metal in their mouth, wearing clear braces is the better option.

To see results from wearing clear braces, you have to be committed to the treatment program.

Unlike traditional braces, you can take clear ones out while you eat. That means that you won’t have to give up your favorite meals or worry about food getting caught between your brace’s wires.

However, you do have to be disciplined.

If you don’t wear your clear braces as instructed, your teeth will shift back into their original position. This could extend the amount of time you have to wear clear braces.

Thus, if you are forgetful and won’t wear your Invisalign as instructed, then they may not be the best option. Should you plan on wearing them as instructed, then they are a great choice when it comes to aligning your teeth.

One of the other things you’ll have to be diligent about is taking care of your clear retainers properly.

If you don’t clean them using the right products, this could cause them to yellow—and then they’ll become visible.

You’ll also need to make sure that you brush after you eat. If you don’t, this could cause bacteria and odor to form on your clear braces, which will then impact your teeth and cause bad breath.

If you can follow the rules and take care of your clear braces, then you’ll get the results you are looking for.

Protecting Your Mouth

One of the other reasons you might consider Invisalign to straighten teeth is that they aren’t as dangerous to wear as traditional braces.

When you have metal in your mouth, there is the chance that it will cut your gums or lips, and that can be incredibly painful.

It can also be painful when you have to have your metal braces adjusted.

Thus, if you’re looking for a teeth alignment treatment that is virtually pain-free, clear braces might be what you need.

During the Invisalign treatment, you will have to switch trays every so often to move your teeth into the right position. When you switch from one tray to the next and it shifts your teeth, you may feel some discomfort. However, it shouldn’t be nearly as painful as having metal braces adjusted.

One of the other great things about wearing clear braces is the fact that they can double as mouth protection if you or your child plays sports.

Unlike metal braces, which can be a hazard when being active, if you get hit in the mouth with clear braces, they can provide a barrier. You also won’t have to worry about being cut by the metal or breaking a wire.

Results Sooner Than You Think

Wearing clear braces requires some effort on your part, but if you are disciplined and follow the treatment plan, wearing Invisalign after 2 months should start to show results.

This option works for pre-teens, teens, and adults who are looking to straighten their teeth and make their smile more appealing without advertising that fact to the world. This treatment option can be a lot less painful than traditional braces, and it may take less time to get the results you desire.

If you’re ready to see Invisalign results, contact TDR Orthodontics. After an initial consultation with one of our professionals, we’ll be able to create a treatment option that’s right for you. We want to make your smile dazzling, and we’ll put together a plan that will achieve that goal.