Fall is probably my favorite season.  Kelly and I love just about everything about fall.  We love that you can shut off the air conditioning and open up the house to let in the crisp mornings.  College football kicks into high gear with conference play.  The Big Ten conference may not impress many people this year but the rivalries that fall brings never disappoints!

House Divided

Cider mills open for business after 9 months of downtime.  I have learned that everyone has their favorite cider mill.  Most of these are the ones that we spent time at as a kid (personally, nothing will beat a cup of cider and a hot donut from the Franklin Cider Mill).  There is something about apple cider and a donut that brings us back to being a kid!

Franklin Cider Mill

Fall also brings Halloween displays out of the attic. Anybody who has been by our house has seen our ever-growing Halloween display (this year we added a “monster in a box” and a motion-activated scarecrow).  Kelly grew up in Jacksonville, Florida on a dead end street where Halloween was not a big deal, so very few kids ever came to her house for candy.  This is completely different from our current neighborhood where kids run between houses to maximize their candy collecting potential.  I am sure some of them keep mental notes from previous years as to what houses give out good candy so they can map out an ideal route to hit all of the great homes.

Halloween 2012

Probably the best part of fall in Michigan is the amazing change of colors that we get to witness.  We often take the awesome display of color for granted because we have the pleasure of seeing it every year; however, it only takes one out of town guest who does not get to see this every year to knock us back into appreciating the beauty around us.  As we are coming closer to peak color I urge everyone to spend time outside, enjoy the awesome fall weather that we have been having, and most of all eat lots of delicious cider and donuts!

Stay tuned because Dr. Tyler will be guest blogging soon and will be choosing the topic from those submitted on Facebook!