It’s something no teen wants to hear—you need braces. However, the experience will be much easier for them with support and proper planning from you, their parents. Braces are a stage of life for many kids and teens, leading to beautiful, healthy, and straight smiles. Do you think your teen will need braces in the future? If so, then you’re probably wondering what you need to know about teen orthodontics and how you can navigate the process.

To learn more, keep reading to find a parents’ guide to braces for teens.

Discuss the Importance of Teen Orthodontics

The idea of having braces may not be appealing to teens, who are coming into their own and are very aware of their appearance.

If your teen isn’t too excited about the idea of braces, you’re not alone—many parents have kids unhappy with the idea of braces, retainers, and wires.

However, it can help to speak to them about the importance of braces, to convince them of why they need to support the process. With a straight, healthy smile, they’ll have improved confidence and feel happier in social situations or in photos.

Plus, orthodontics can improve your overall health, since straight teeth are easier to clean and can reduce the chances of jaw pain. If you can convince your teen of why orthodontics matter, then they’re more likely to be accepting of the procedure.

Be Supportive

Parents should try their best to be supportive and understanding of their teens through the process. Dental procedures such as braces can provide temporary discomfort, so let them know that they can always come to you if they’re feeling in pain or need some emotional support.

Having braces can also temporarily limit certain foods you can eat, so be sure to provide alternatives to their favorite foods and snacks. It’s hard to resist temptation, so you may find that the best option is just not to keep banned foods in the home at all.

You can also remind them that they’re not alone, as many of their friends and classmates are probably going through the process as well.

Encourage Good Brushing Habits

Looking after your teeth while you have braces is essential. It helps to teach your children how to clean their teeth while they have braces or retainers.

Teens need to both brush and floss twice per day, but it needs to be done a little bit differently, since you’re working around wires and braces. If you don’t brush properly, food gets trapped in the braces, leading to cavities and stains.

Most parents know that teen hygiene isn’t always the best, so encouraging good brushing habits is important not only while they have braces, but for a lifetime of healthy dental health.

Helping your teen develop a daily routine can help with this, especially at bedtime, when it can be tempting to skip the brushing and just head to bed.

Discuss Payment Plans With Your Orthodontist

You know orthodontics is important for your teen, but you may be nervous about how you’ll afford the process. Orthodontics is an investment in the health of your children, but it can be pricey.

To help out, look for an orthodontist who offers payment options. This lets you manage the treatments via affordable monthly payments.

With no-interest payment plans, medical loan programs, or the option to pay in full, it’s easier than ever to sort out your financing for your teen’s orthodontics.

Or, another option is to see if your health insurance will cover the treatments. Navigating the complexities of insurance can be confusing, so look for an orthodontist who will help you take the time to understand it all.

When it comes to finances, find a caring, respectful orthodontics firm who can help you work out which finance option is best for you and your family.

Consider All Options

When it comes to thinking about braces, many parents think about the traditional metal look. However, you may be surprised that braces technology has improved in leaps and bounds since you were a kid!

There are plenty of treatment options when it comes to straightening teeth.

Invisalign is another great option for teens, as these clear retainers work the same way traditional braces do, only without as much pain or discomfort. Plus, they’re clear, a fantastic option for image-conscious teens.

They can also be removed while you eat or for special events.

Other great choices include ceramic braces, 3D printed aligners, and SureSmile aligners.

The best way to work out which treatment is best for your teen is by booking a consultation. Based on your teen’s needs and preferred outcomes, an orthodontic expert can then recommend the best treatment options.

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