Some of the various signs that you need tooth realignment include crooked teeth, difficulty flossing, or biting your tongue or cheek. These symptoms can become much more serious problems if left untreated. 

Most people fear getting stuck with braces for multiple years. However, they’re not the only option available to you. Invisalign Teen is one such alternative that works especially well for the younger generation in your family. 

Here are seven of the benefits of Invisalign for teenagers and the differences between Invisalign vs. braces. 

1. Discreet Appearance

Orthodontics can have a big impact on a teen’s life, depending on the severity of the treatment. One of the good things about Invisalign treatment is that the aligners are almost invisible. They’re made from a soft, clear plastic that most people won’t notice unless you point them out. 

Choosing Invisalign for your teen means getting them the help they need without impacting their outward appearance. They may even forget that they’re wearing them at times, due to how noninvasive they are. 

The biggest benefit is that you can smile without fear while wearing these aligners. 

2. No Food Restrictions

People who wear braces for the first time often complain about all the food restrictions they face. Anything sugar, hard, or sticky can get into the braces and mess up the whole thing. At worst, parts could come off of your teeth or break altogether. 

There’s also the risk that food particles can get stuck between the brackets and wires. You can’t easily brush or floss away sticky items like taffy or chewing gum. 

Meanwhile, Invisalign Teen doesn’t have the same problems. That’s because these aligners can be taken out whenever you go to eat something. They slide right off and go into your carrying case. 

As such, you can eat whatever foods you normally love to eat without being restricted. And when you’re done, you simply brush your teeth and replace the aligners on them. 

3. A Comfortable Alternative to Braces

Braces are widely known for being uncomfortable. Aside from the fact that you have an obtrusive item stuck in your mouth for upwards of a year or more, there’s also the issue of how the mechanism works. 

Your orthodontist will have to regularly and gradually tighten the braces to help your teeth move where they’re supposed to. This gives them a constant tight feeling that can irritate your cheeks and gums. 

In contrast, Invisalign is made from a clear, plastic molded into the exact shape of your mouth. They’re not only made to be as comfortable as possible, but so you can remove them without tugging on your teeth. 

4. Low-Maintenance

Another benefit of Invisalign treatment is that it’s easy to keep both your aligners and your teeth clean.

The problem with traditional braces is that you can’t remove them. They’re stuck on your teeth for months or years at a time, and you have to learn how to keep them and your teeth clean. Leaving any kind of food particles in them can prove hazardous to your mouth. 

With Invisalign, all you need to do is remove them and clean them separately. You don’t have to worry about food getting into them unless you forget to brush your teeth after you eat. You’ll also want to floss every time you brush. 

Invisalign trays are cleaned by soaking them in some kind of denture cleaner. You absolutely should not use mouthwash or hot water, as this can damage them. 

5. Easy to Take Out When Necessary

As previously mentioned, you can take out your Invisalign trays whenever you need to. This is especially handy if you’re planning to eat or drink and don’t want to risk them getting dirty or broken. 

In addition, you can take out your aligners if you’re about to play some kind of sport. Normally, any kind of impact would be a danger to braces. However, your aligners can’t get damaged if you aren’t wearing them. 

Another activity braces can get in the way of is playing certain instruments. They change the shape of your mouth and how well you can move your lips to accommodate whatever mouthpiece you’re using. All you’d need to do with Invisalign is take them out and replace them when you’re done playing. 

6. Short Treatment Time

Braces may take upwards of a year or more in order for a child or teen to see the best results. This includes various checkups for the orthodontist to make adjustments as needed. 

While Invisalign Teen can also take months, you’ll often see much quicker results in comparison. That time will seem even shorter when your teen can freely eat whatever they want as long as they remember to take their aligners off beforehand. 

7. Treats Many Conditions

Even though Invisalign have more functionality and comfort more similar to a retainer than braces, they bring all the same benefits. Your teen doesn’t have to get aligners for their entire mouth if they don’t need them.

They can be used to treat under, over, and crossbites. If your teen’s mouth is particularly sensitive, this can help them avoid the irritation braces would bring. It’s also much easier to avoid gingivitis since there’s less risk of food particles getting trapped between their teeth. 

It’s important to speak with your orthodontist to learn more about your teen’s options and which type of dental care will bring your desired results.

Learn More About Invisalign Teen

If your teen is apprehensive about getting braces, then Invisalign Teen may be the answer. It’s more comfortable, less restrictive, and can do the job in less time than a set of braces will. However, it’s also important that you teach them how to take care of and clean their aligners. 

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