1. Misaligned Bite

This problem causes tooth wear and can contribute to jaw growth issues.

An orthodontist can detect these issues early and help guide growth of the jaw into the proper position.

2. Adult Tooth Extraction

If not caught early, crowding can occur when adult teeth come in resulting in tooth extraction.

An orthodontist can help detect issues of crowding even before baby teeth fall out. With expanders opening space for adult teeth to grow into correct positioning.

3. Permanent Damage

Habits like thumb sucking cause protruding teeth and deform the upper jaw bone

An orthodontist can use an expander and/or braces to proactively address any possible damage caused by harmful oral habits.

4. Tooth Trauma

Protruding teeth or overbites are susceptible to chipping cracking and significant wear.

An Orthodontist can address protrusion with braces to straighten or an expander to widen the arch, allowing for proper growth and placement.

5. Negative Self Esteem

Early intervention helps manage issues before becoming significant and more noticeable

An orthodontist can address aesthetic concerns in a variety of ways to improve the smile and enhance self-esteem.

Having an orthodontic exam by age 7 can help to avoid serious oral issues in the future. Identifying or anticipating these issues means that with correct timing, intervention can occur to avoid a more serious issue over time or possible need for surgical intervention. Most children may not need orthodontic intervention, in fact, only about 20%-25% of children require treatment before all adult teeth have erupted. But for those who do need treatment, they can benefit greatly from a short period of focused orthodontics.

If intervention is necessary it is important to address the issues before your child’s palette is completely fused, allowing for palatal expansion. With expansion of the palate space is created, allowing adult teeth to grow in properly and help to improve functionality. This can also help to address breathing or airway issues.

Does your child have any of these common orthodontic problems? Call to schedule a complementary orthodontic exam to see if early orthodontic intervention could prevent bigger issues down the road.

Your child’s first orthodontic exam is a simple appointment where the doctor looks at tooth placement and bite. The doctor shares observations and recommendations on if treatment is necessary and at what age. You will be able to ask plenty of questions and receive additional information. Schedule your complimentary exam today!

Give your child the gift of a healthy and happy smile for LIFE!